The main wiki page for SecuredNetwork plugin.

πŸ”’ SecuredNetwork

​SecuredNetwork is a lightweight plugin protecting you from IP-forwarding bypass exploit, mainly for those who cannot access or configure their firewall systems. The plugin has been serving protection for everyone since 2019, connecting BungeeGuard (from which it took the inspiration) and the good old IP-whitelisting feature.
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❓ What is IP-forwarding bypass?

When using a proxy server (e.g. BungeeCord) to connect your servers together, the backend servers must run on offline mode, disabling account authentication. That enables hackers to join backend servers with your account freely.
Each player has their own profile, which contains information about them (UUID, skin textures...). These data are given to the proxy server when a player joins and then forwarded by the proxy to backend servers. This plugin uses a passphrase, which is inserted into the player's profile and then forwarded to the backend servers to check for integrity.

πŸ‘ Why to use SecuredNetwork over other plugins?

You can't go wrong with classic BungeeGuard, however, if you would also like to use the IP-whitelist, this is the way to go. The plugin also supports GeyserMC ( including Floodgate), which other plugins do not. Logs everything to the console for easy verification.
The plugin has been downloaded 10K+ times, and (on average) is active on 300+ networks managing over 1500 backend servers.

πŸ”§ Setup and support

You can view the setup instructions at the wiki. If you need help with anything, feel free join the Discord server (nonstop 24/7 πŸ€– support). Or, just to talk with us πŸ‘‹
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